3 Benefits of Dry Stack Scheduling Technology

Discover the top 3 benefits of improving your dry stack launch operations with scheduling tools.

Boaters love the security and convenience of dry stack storage — but marina operators know how difficult it can be to coordinate launch schedules. To address this problem, modern marinas are turning to technology. Digitizing your dry stack operations with the right technology will benefit your marina in several ways.

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What is dry stack scheduling technology?

Dry stack scheduling technology refers to any tool that simplifies and digitizes the process of launching boats stored in dry racks.

The components of dry stack scheduling technology include:

  • A mobile app where boaters can schedule launches in advance.
  • Software where marina operators can review launch requests, communicate with boaters, and keep staff aligned on daily launch schedules.

Manual dry stack launch scheduling is outdated

Scheduling dry stack launches without technology is tedious and time consuming.

Without scheduling technology, your dry stack launch process probably looks like this:

  1. A boater calls your marina last minute to request a launch.
  2. You hurry to get their boat launched — but your forklift operator is on their lunch break. The boater arrives and is disappointed to learn that they have to wait an hour for their boat to be launched.
  3. Once the boater is out on the water, you have no idea when they plan to return.
  4. Your other tasks stack up while you spend too much time on the back-and-forth of scheduling dry stack launches.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time to invest in a better solution.

3 benefits of dry stack scheduling technology

1. Manage your launches in one place

Without software, you might receive launch requests over the phone, by email, or through voicemails left the night before. Then, you might write down each launch request on scraps of paper or communicate them over walkie talkie to your forklift operator.

Whatever your manual process looks like, there are too many channels and opportunities for things to slip through the cracks.

Instead, use technology to centralize all dry stack operations to a single platform where:

  • Boaters submit requests for launches digitally.
  • Every staff member can easily see each day’s launch schedule.
  • You can communicate with boaters and automatically notify them about upcoming launches.  

Pro tip: Opt for a platform that doesn’t require an API or integration. It’s best to consolidate your launch process to one platform where you already manage other operations.

2. Eliminate launch scheduling headaches

One of the biggest challenges of managing dry stack operations is coordinating schedules and making sure everyone — boaters and marina staff alike — is on the same page.

Moving your dry stack operations from pen and paper and phone calls to an online platform is the simplest way to drastically reduce coordination problems.

You’ll eliminate confusion and uncertainty around:

  • When a boat needs to be launched.
  • What time a boater plans to return.
  • When a boater wants their vessel returned to storage.

The technology you implement will establish a simple, repeatable process for your team to follow daily.

That process will look something like this:

  • Your team receives a digital notification when someone requests a dry stack launch.
  • On the day of a launch, you can see your schedule at a glance to know exactly which boats need to be launched at what time.
  • Boaters receive automatic reminders before a launch and can confirm or update their ETA.
  • Boaters digitally update you on their status so you know exactly when boats need to be returned.

3. Improve communication & coordination with boaters

Coordinating with boaters is perhaps the biggest headache associated with dry stack operations, and it may feel out of your control. After all, boaters don’t always give proper notice for launch requests, and they may fail to communicate their schedules. That leaves your marina team in the dark, being reactive instead of proactive.

But by using software to manage your dry stack operations, you’ll provide a reliable and simple way for boaters to schedule launches without all the back-and-forth. You’ll also reduce phone call volume and save a lot of time each day.

When you digitize your operations, clearly explain to boaters how your new process works.

Give them clear instructions on how to:

  • Request a launch date and time.
  • Edit or cancel a launch.
  • Indicate when they plan to return their boat and when they want it returned to storage.

How to use dry stack scheduling technology

To improve your dry stack operations, you’ll need the right software.

Choose software that includes:

  • A boater app where boaters can request launches in advance without calling, texting, or emailing you.
  • Digital scheduling tools for marinas so that your team can effortlessly review, edit, and cancel launches from any computer or smartphone.
  • Automatic workflows, like reminder messages to boaters.
  • A messaging platform to easily communicate with boaters without making a phone call.

Dry stack launch scheduling with Dockwa

Dockwa’s dry stack launch scheduling tool is the solution you need to eliminate scheduling
headaches and improve your daily workflow.

Built into the Dockwa platform, our dry stack tool is quick to learn and easy to use. By managing your dry stack operations in Dockwa, you’ll save time and keep your entire team organized in one place.

The benefits of using Dockwa’s dry stack tool include:

  • Digital operations. Spend less time answering phone calls and listening to voicemails. Instead, empower boaters to schedule launches digitally from the Dockwa website or app. Plus, communicate with boaters via online message.
  • Helpful notifications. Receive notifications when boaters arrive and know where to move their boats. Plus, automatically notify boaters to remind them of upcoming launches without lifting a finger.
  • Controlled launch schedules. Maintain control of your launch schedule by choosing whether boaters can schedule digitally and adjusting days and times they can schedule.
  • Built-in tools. There’s no API or integration needed. Dockwa customers can use the dry stack tool directly in the dashboard.

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