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Everything you need to manage your inventory - from our marina map to meter readings - in one secure, online, portal.

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Keep your staff coordinated with our Marina Map, which lets them see exactly where your boaters are at all times.

Dynamic Layout Visualization: Instantly view your marina's layout, including moorings, slips, and service areas, offering a comprehensive overview whether your focus is transient or long-term occupancy.

Tailored Visuals:
Customize your marina map to reflect unique features like haul-out docks, shallow areas, or power pedestals, enhancing your operational awareness and planning.

Interactive Landmarks: Easily add and identify key marina landmarks such as lighthouses, ramps, fuel docks, as well as amenity locations like shops, pools, and restaurants.

Manage your inventory from anywhere with Assignments

A Perfect Picture of Inventory: Assign your boaters to spaces to understand your marina's availability at all times. Low on time? Dockwa's Smart Assignments feature will recommend strategic placement of boaters tomaximize occupancy.

Personalized Guest Notes: Record preferences for returning guests to optimize their experience, ensuring they are allocated to their preferred or similar slips upon their return.

Controlled Access Levels: Assign specific access rights within your team, ensuring sensitive information remains internal and editable only by authorized personnel.

Simplify your dock walks with Electric Meter Readings an our Dock Walk App

Mobile Accessibility: Access all necessary information directly from their mobile devices while walking the docks., eliminating the need for carrying around paperwork or going back and forth to the office to fetch or update information.

Digital Meter Reading Submissions: Reduce the likelihood of errors associated with manual entry and ensure accurate billing based on actual usage.

Integrated Billing:
Automatically calculate electric cost based on  rates set and electric consumption recorded, ensuring customers are billed accurately and promptly for electric usage.

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Why Dockwa

Marina software simplified

Dockwa's marina software is specifically designed for marina operators to manage their operations and improve boater relationships.  

Our marina management software includes tools for managing boat slips and tracking customer information, reservations, and billing. We make it easy to collect and manage payments, which you can see at a glance with our built-in reporting.  

If you're looking to acquire boaters, you can create a digital presence today for your marina by claiming your listing on and get published on the Dockwa network. We make it easy to connect with your existing boaters; create and manage emails, respond directly to leads, and centralize your communication via our in-app chat.

Customers on the Dockwa marina software have streamlined their operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased their revenue. In fact, on average Dockwa increases a marina's net operating income by 20%.