What Are Marinas Saying About Dockwa?

Read for yourself. Industry insiders share how Dockwa leads to profits earned, efficiencies gained, and free time well deserved.

"We’ve run the gamut of contract management processes, and we love the customization [of Dockwa Contracts]. Customers are accustomed to DocuSign documents, and adding an end-to-end system that handles both the contract signature as well as automatic payment processing was a huge benefit. There is also a definite time-saving component – once a customer signs the agreement, the automatic payment processing is scheduled and eliminates our team from having to track down customers for payments. We are very excited to launch our contract processing through Dockwa this season."

Kathy Donovan

"I can't say enough about Dockwa and the way it is tailored to the needs of boaters and marina management. This seamless app captures all the boaters' information and payment for my staff without spending time on the phone. I can review, communicate and confirm with my mobile device which has been a valuable asset. The boater can send messages through Dockwa for any special requests when making a reservation. Our marina has had an increase in transient occupancy all due to Dockwa's 24/7 online reservation capabilities. From the start, Dockwa has proved to be a valuable tool in capturing transient vessels from nearby competition. So much so, we strictly use Dockwa for all our transient reservations. The Dockwa team has been fantastic. Response to any questions have been quick and professional with a live person. Our finance department worked with the team at Dockwa on payments, money transfers and setup. All questions were answered and going live was a breeze. If you're not signed up with Dockwa you're missing the boat."

Denis Frain

"We love the chat feature! With our busy schedule at the yard, it’s convenient to chat with customers online to help them with any questions they may have. It completely reduces the amount of time spent on the phone, and very easy to use. Black out dates also really save us! During busy holiday schedules, we can easily manage our availability to let customers know we are sold out, which saves everyone time! Customers old and new are important to us in many ways, and Dockwa allows us to stay connected and engaged with them in a timely manner.”

Brittany Ashforth

"Ease of use. Great communication tool. New customer generation. Seamless distribution of our services to the customer."

Sands Payne

"Boaters increasingly want vessels that are easier to navigate, operate and dock. All this technology enhances the boating experience. Dockwa is part of this evolution by making the decisions and booking of destination travel extremely simple resulting in increased boating activity. That’s good for our industry. We have definitely seen an uptick in boating activity since we signed on with Dockwa. Our customers, visitors and especially our dockmaster all love it!"

Billy Schaefer

"Simple, easy to use system that is a great tool for taking and keeping all reservations organized."

Graham Norbury

"Dockwa's support team in incredibly helpful and Dockwa works well with our accounting team for easy bookkeeping."

Dave Hautz

"Our dockage revenue has almost tripled in the 2 years we have used Dockwa."

Terri Tauro

"Dockwa is fantastic, simple, easy to use for boaters and marina managers. It allows boats to find us and makes communication and payment simple and clear for everyone."

Andy Crowe

"Dockwa makes payment processing and having multiple people respond to reservation inquiries a breeze. I cannot say enough good things about this platform."

Tricia Walsh

"I love Dockwa! It's very user friendly and makes my life a whole lot easier. Thank you!"

Seikah Roberts

"Simple, easy process with enough flexibility to deal with different situations."

Troy Taylor

"Very easy to use and to teach to new seasonal employees. Great customer service."

Gregg Fraser

"I am thrilled with how well we are doing since implementing Dockwa… it’s been so easy and our customers seem to enjoy the ease of making reservations as well... I also am surprised by the number of NEW customers we have received…If I had to guess, I would say about 80% of the reservations we have received thus far have never stayed at Sister Bay….  Which is pretty awesome that we are getting so much “new” business!"

Amy Lorona

"I have seen Dockwa used at many marinas. At first, I did not think it would be a fit for us, as most of our slips are for seasonal boaters. Once I spoke to the Dockwa team about it in detail, I felt it may work. I had no idea it would work as well as it does. Making reservations in both our transient slips, transient moorings and vacant seasonal slips and moorings is extremely easy. There really is no learning curve. My entire dock staff learned the program in no time and praise it on a daily basis. It has cut our time immensely when making a reservation [by removing the need for] the related paperwork. The ease of looking up customer and boat information, changing reservation dates and other important information is amazing. It also cuts down on the office staff’s time relating to deposits...We started taking reservations at our marina nine years ago. I wish we would have started using DOCKWA when it was first developed. Any marina operator that is hesitant about using this system should at least give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Thank you for a great product"

Robert Bori

"Boaters would always say ‘You have my card on file with Dockwa - can’t you just charge it for my ice?’ With Boat Charges, now we can."

Chris Cannon

"This is our first season using Dockwa Software as our only stand alone reservation system. It is hard to rank all the advantages that Dockwa gives us but if forced to choose 3, they would be: The Reliability of the software, Customer protection and Great personal service that Dockwa has provided the town. The ease of using the platform also ranks high."

Charlie Blair

"I essentially have three offices here at Herrington Harbour South...The great thing about Dockwa is that I can manage reservations now from any one of those offices."

Matt Pruett

"If you have any slips at all that you want to fill, list on Dockwa! The credit card processing fee is on revenue we wouldn’t have otherwise."

Ian Wilkinson

"Dockwa has made our lives a lot easier. With Dockwa, we don't have to worry about filling the marina, can interact with our boaters digitally, and have streamlined our billing and accounting processes. We're also able to spend more time outdoors on the docks, since we have everything we need to manage our slips on Dockwa's mobile app."

Greg Polcari

"Dockwa is the best thing that has happened to my marina!! Now I can take reservations from anywhere in the world (literally) right from my phone, instead of being tied down to my office and reservation book. The secure credit card system saves me from taking credit cards over the phone, and left on file for quick and easy adjustments for those who choose to extend their island stay. The Dockwa team has been fantastic helping in the training of my staff and has been available 24/7. The process is so quick and easy, even my ancient mariners love its simplicity! This is the best thing that has happened to the marina reservation world!!"

Breezy Griener

"Love Dockwa! Made life so much easier and support is amazing."

Linda Kozelska

"It's very convenient for both the marina and boater. Saves a lot of time with running credit cards, especially for repeat customers and has a very useful slip reservation management tool."

Doug Biviano

"I am the reservations manager here so I oversee the use of the system with regards to all the reservations and making sure that all the other staff members input and relay all the information taken in through dockwa correctly. Compared to other years, using this system has made reservations much easier to take and process. The three main things that I like about this system is that it is a secure way to process the payments because some people were wary about giving credit card info over the phone because they didnt want it written down anywhere, also it adds a lot of convenience to making the reservations since it is such an easy process to follow through your website to make the reservation rather than calling and taking a long time to take all the information down, and lastly it makes everything more organized since we can look at it on a daily basis on your website. Overall this system has worked great for us"

Alexa Krsanac

"The best part about Dockwa is it makes booking a reservation fast and convenient not only for us but also for our customers. In addition the team is always extremely attentive."

Stephanie McLaughlin

"The team at Dockwa are professional and quick to respond with answers or suggestions if we have a question. Booking, date changes and cancellations are all easy with Dockwa."

Noreen Baker

“Our Dockmaster of twenty years states that he now gets ‘90% of his reservations from Dockwa and he both saves time and makes fewer mistakes.’ Our bookkeeper loves the easy access to the Dockwa team and finds ‘monthly reporting so much easier.’ ”

George Isabel

"Dockwa has a litany of praiseworthy services. Their easy user interface has helped speed and standardize the reservation process. The Dockwa system does a fantastic job with storing customer data and contacts. Finally the client service at Dockwa has been without compare. We love working with Dockwa."

Chris Cannon

"Great product. Easy to use. Makes reservation confirmation and tracking a breeze."

Bob Holden

"Great product. Great support. Easy to use. Helpful to the customer with its easy to use interface and simplicity of booking dockage."

Vincent Jones

"This is the best site we have found. It saves our office a ton of work, is very user friendly and when (hardly ever) there are any issues you get immediate service. I suggest every marina in every harbor use this. It has been a life saver for our office in Gloucester...and has brought far more visitors to our City than we have ever had."

Chad Johnson

"The software is extremely easy to use - for both the marina & the boaters. Both formats work seamlessly (desktop & mobile app). Not to mention the staff at Dockwa are always extremely helpful! I would recommend this platform to everyone!"

Jackie Atkins

"It’s 2019. Time to get aboard!"

Brad Condon

"Super great. Tech support is awesome."

Carter Blease

"Great company, great service!"

Steve Kenney

"Extremely user-friendly UI, excellent customer support, and good guest feedback on the experience."

Matt Bauer

"I use Dockwa to manage transient reservations and payments for my boat club. It’s an awesome tool for managing reservations and automatically collecting payments for visiting boaters. Time spent goes down and billing accuracy up, and with the added online exposure, reservations/revenue goes up. It’s a win-win-win. Love the Dockwa software."

Keith Harmon

"10/10 - It is easy to use and frees up so much time!"

Sue Gilot