Noyo Harbor District

Primary Pain Point: Chasing down payments and securely billing boaters.
Dockwa Impact: Remote access to customer data remotely and a secure auto-billing system.

Bay Bridge Marina

Primary Pain Point: Managing all aspects marina of operations.
Dockwa Impact: Streamlined processes with Dockwa's all-in-one marina management system.


Old Dominion

Primary Pain Point: Managing transient reservations and making the best use of space with a volunteer team.
Dockwa Impact: 10+ hours saved per week.


Menemsha Harbor

Primary Pain Point: Spending significant time manually processing contracts / payments.
Dockwa Impact: 500% Increase in transient dockage.


Edgartown Harbormaster

Primary Pain Point: Difficulty collecting and storing boater details using existing manual phone-based reservation process.
Dockwa Impact: +44% Annual nights served.


MacDougalls' Cape Cod Marine Service

Primary Pain Point: Difficulty making transient reservations and confirming/declining boater inquiries based on marina availability.
Dockwa Impact: 525% Increased transient slip revenue since 2015.

An areal photo of Herrington Harbor from the water on a nice day.

Herrington Harbor

Primary Pain Point: Managing and confirming slip reservations via lengthy  boater email exchanges.
Dockwa Impact: 6.5 Hours saved per week.

An arial photo of Foss harbor from the water with the docks full of boats on a nice afternoon.

Foss Harbor Marina

Primary Pain Point: Managing boater reservations via phone or via lengthy email exchanges.
Dockwa Impact: 50% Increase in transient slip revenue.