Dockwa Dry Stack Launch Scheduling

Learn how Dockwa's new dry stack launch scheduling tool will improve your launch management process and delight your boaters.

Screen showing the Dry Stack Launch Scheduling tool with seven scheduled launches today.

Try Dockwa's Dry Stack Launch at your marina

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How to Simplify Your Dry Stack Operations with Dockwa

Dockwa Dry Stack Launch Scheduling Benefits

  • Adjust Your Schedule
  • Easily edit, schedule, or cancel launches from one platform.
  • Operational Transparency 
  • Keep your team unified and updated on launch schedules.
  • Seamless Communication
  • Reduce phone call volume and back-and-forth with boaters.
  • Stay Organized
  • Eliminate unreliable pen & paper scheduling
  • Save Time
  • Simplify your launch process and automatically notify boaters before a launch.
  • Single-Platform Operations
  • No API or integration needed - consolidate your launch process to one platform
  • Automate all the nitty-gritty tasks and set sail towards efficiency

Delight Your Boaters

Boaters can use our mobile app to:

  • Save time by scheduling their launch in advance from anywhere
  • Easily communicate with your marina in real time
  • Stay organized by viewing upcoming and past launches all in one place
  • Cancel a launch in real time
Mobile screens showing how easy it is for a boater to schedule a launch with the Dockwa dry stack feature.

Easy Set Up That Mimics Your Marina

Flexible set up allows you to mimic exactly how your marina operates. Adjust key settings like:

  • Launch window times
  • Available launches per window
  • Minimum and maxim notice needed before a launch
  • Custom launch locations
  • Operating hours
  • Boater reminder statuses
The settings page of the Dry Stack scheduling feature on Dockwa.
Dockwa employees enjoying their time on the water

Why Dockwa

Marina software simplified

Dockwa's marina software is specifically designed for marina operators to manage their operations and improve boater relationships.  

Our marina management software includes tools for managing boat slips and tracking customer information, reservations, and billing. We make it easy to collect and manage payments, which you can see at a glance with our built-in reporting.  

If you're looking to acquire boaters, you can create a digital presence today for your marina by claiming your listing on and get published on the Dockwa network. We make it easy to connect with your existing boaters; create and manage emails, respond directly to leads, and centralize your communication via our in-app chat.

Customers on the Dockwa marina software have streamlined their operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased their revenue. In fact, on average Dockwa increases a marina's net operating income by 20%.