Get Back Your Days With Dockwa’s Digital Contracts

Your manual process for sending out contracts is costing you precious time that could be spent delighting your boaters. Learn how Dockwa’s Digital Contracts will help save time.

It’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter, especially when it comes to your contract management process.

For many marinas, the contract management process can take weeks to complete. Whether for long-term, seasonal, or winter storage contracts, these marinas spend hours printing out hard copies of contracts, physically mailing them out (or delivering them in person on the docks), and then manually tracking completed or chasing down outstanding contracts. 

Now say your marina is sending out contracts for completion over email. If your process still requires you to manually chase down incomplete contracts, follow up individually with boaters for payment or wait for payment in person–there are still many hours spent on this process. 

What’s worse, the amount of time spent on this manual process could otherwise be spent on delighting your customers to keep them coming back. 

Dockwa’s Digital Contracts Means Less Manual Work and More Time for Boaters

Fortunately, Dockwa’s Digital Contracts is here to help you work smarter so you can get back your days. Manage your marina’s entire contract management process from one place. 

For marina owners and operators, you can batch-send the contracts to your boaters, keep track of which contracts have been completed (or easily identify which are still outstanding), and collect payments all through Dockwa. 

For your boaters, they’ll be able to receive the contracts, request any specific needs like services, and sign and return the agreement electronically to you, all through Dockwa as well. 

Benefits of Dockwa Digital Contracts

  • Create and send out contracts in minutes. Dockwa enables you to upload contract documents, set rates, and batch-email agreements to customers with a few clicks.

  • Know immediately whether or not a contract is signed and paid for. Our Dockwa Dashboard allows you to view, at a glance, the status of all contracts in real-time at any time.

  • Make the contract management process quick and seamless for your boaters. Send and store all contracts digitally. E-signatures and credit card payments let boaters sign and pay for contracts on time with minimal effort.

  • A flexible contract management process so you can adjust accordingly. Set custom rates for storage and long-term dockage customers. Whether a contract spans weeks, months, or years and whether it bills weekly, monthly, or something more specific to your marina, Dockwa Contracts will flex to your marina's needs.

  • An end-to-end online transactional process for services. Digitally advertise and collect information on additional services for winter storage contract customers. Send your long-term contracts and a form for additional services (like storage and shrink wrapping) at the same time with Dockwa Contracts. 

See for yourself! Watch how you can send and receive a signed contract in 90 seconds!

How Dockwa’s Digital Contracts Works

To start creating contracts with Dockwa, head to the “Contracts” section of your Dockwa Dashboard. Click “Manage Documents.” Here, you can upload the documents you need your boaters to sign.

Next, click “New Group” to begin creating your first Contract Group.

This “group” will serve to categorize your long-term customers and their contract details. For example, you may have boaters who pay for a year-round slip and others who pay for winter storage; in this case, you would create a Year-Round Slip Holders contracts group and a Winter Storage contracts group.

Fill out the details of the Contract Group, save your group and click “Add Boat.”

Here is where you’ll add the individual details of your long-term contract holders. Once you’ve added your boater’s details, you’ll see a “Save Contract” button. Clicking this will prepare the contract to be sent to your boater.

Back on the Contract Group screen, continue to add boaters to your contract group until you are ready to batch-send your contracts. Do this by clicking “Send All.” 

Or, if you're eager to get individual contracts to your boaters ASAP, click "Send" on any single contract marked "Ready to Send!"

When you send, you will see the contract marked as “Sent," and boaters will receive an email with instructions to complete the contract.  Then, when your boater signs their contract, you will see the contract marked as “Signed!"

Have a boater “lose” their contract email? Click “resend” on their contract at any time to get their contract back to the top of their inbox.

MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marina Services Improves Customer Experience and Staff Efficiency With Dockwa Contracts

Your Boaters Will Thank You (With Repeat Business) 

Keep your boaters coming back by making their experience at your marina quick, easy, and seamless. Whether it's with 24/7 reservation capabilities, digital contracts, billing and invoicing, point of sale on the docks, or efficient waitlist management, your boaters will appreciate how easy it is to do business with your marina. 

Request a demo today if you’d like to learn more about Dockwa’s Digital Contracts or are ready to work smarter (not harder).

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