Dockwa’s White-Glove Customer Service: A Personalized Voyage to Success

Dockwa is here to provide the ultimate level of support and assistance to our marina partners through industry-leading customer service.

At Dockwa, we understand the significance of having the right crew when navigating uncharted waters. Similar to how a captain relies on their crew members, Dockwa is here to provide the ultimate level of support and assistance to our marina partners through industry-leading customer service.

Imagine this: Every step you take is embraced by unwavering guidance and care. Read on to discover how Dockwa's customer service establishes a new industry standard and how that impacts your marina.

5 customer support benefits you get when you choose Dockwa:

1. US-based support

Dockwa’s customer support team is 100% US-based.

We don’t outsource our support. Every customer support representative you speak with is an in-house member of the Dockwa team. Plus, our support reps are genuinely knowledgeable about our software, so they can provide real assistance rather than passing you off to someone else.

When you choose Dockwa, you're more than just another customer. We deliver a personalized touch to your experience, offering tailored assistance, guidance, and support at every stage. From onboarding to strategic advice and beyond, you’ll always have friendly support.

2. Guided onboarding

When you join Dockwa, we become your partners from the start, taking care of the heavy lifting on your behalf. We want you to experience the value of Dockwa from day one.

Our product experts and implementation specialists will assist with:

  • Importing your current boater information
  • Customizing your marina map
  • Ensuring the software is optimally configured for your unique operation

"The support was fantastic – we're a very unique harbor. They were able to tailor the program uniquely to Menemsha Harbor to fit our needs."

Ryan Rossi

Town of Chilmark Harbormaster

3. A personal Marina Success Manager

Think of Dockwa as your first mate — we’ll be right beside you as you navigate your operation towards success. And this partnership doesn’t end after onboarding. 

In fact, you'll be paired with one of our Marina Success Managers (or MSMs) who becomes your primary point of contact as you work with Dockwa. MSMs serve as your compass, empowering you to unleash the full potential of Dockwa while providing training and consultative support.

Your Marina Success Manager will: 

  • Train your entire team
  • Answer questions about how to use the software
  • Help send out contracts 
  • Import your data into Dockwa
  • And more!

"Our marina success manager was really good about helping me get up to speed quickly, and helped me train the rest of my team."

Kim Rogan Weitzel

Old Dominion Boat Club Vice President and Marina & Boat Chairman

Moreover, another remarkable aspect of Dockwa is that our team of dedicated software engineers is constantly developing industry-leading features to streamline your experience and make your life easier. Your Marina Success Manager will keep you informed about new features upon their release, ensuring you benefit from cutting-edge advancements to maximize your investment.

"I cannot express how grateful we are to be working with Dockwa. Our experience has been ABOVE & BEYOND what most companies provide to new customers."

Kim Wiley

Office Manager, Lithia Springs Marina

4. Accessibility 7 days a week

Great news: If you do end up needing assistance with a tricky reservation, a rogue contract, or a surprise mishap, quick support is available seven days a week. This ensures that you (and your boaters) never feel adrift when troubleshooting or seeking guidance — even on weekends.

Enjoy access to our industry-leading customer support team via:

  • In-product chat 
  • Email:
  • Phone: (401) 236-8304

And guess what — there’s a real person on the other end of your outreach.

"Always responsive, always helpful!!! That is DOCKWA!"

Goat Island Marina

5. A dedicated team of industry experts

The team behind Dockwa comprises enthusiastic boaters and former marina operators — so we truly understand the ins and outs of the industry.

For us, Dockwa represents years of experience and unwavering passion, which drives us to deliver a top-notch experience. We will stand by your side through every tide and tack.

So, when you do engage with someone on our team, we understand where you're coming from, and have been there before.

"The customer service has just been absolutely phenomenal."

Anna Neumann

Noyo Harbor District Harbormaster

Discover the Dockwa difference

Dockwa is a beacon of reliable support, offering an industry-leading customer service experience.

From the initial onboarding process to continuous assistance and personalized guidance, the Dockwa support team stands shoulder-to-shoulder with each of our marina partners.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our all-in-one marina management system that will transform your operations.

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