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See the real-time location of every marina guest, access critical operation information on customers and make strategic decisions with to-scale representations.

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Webinar Transcript

About Dockwa

“Our mission here at Dockwa is to connect boaters and marinas. We do this by helping marinas, yacht clubs and shipyards focus on customer experience; becoming operationally efficient, and improving their marketing. Not to toot our own horn, but we've got the largest booking platform for marinas across the United States. “

“Dockwa is an all-in-one marina management software that helps streamline and automate operations. We can help drive any type of revenue to your marina; transient, fuel, storage service. We equip you with the tools necessary for success. Dockwa also owns and operates, which is the world's largest directory to review Marinas”.

The Marina Map

“I've been here at Dockwa for about 8 years, and, since the first month I've had Marina partners reach out asking us for a map either of their mooring harbor or their slips; linear, transient, long term, whatever it might be. Marinas really wanted to be able to see a visual of their layout, and so over the years, we have truly understood how critically important it is to provide something that works for our marina partners where they can visualize and see their area in our software.”

“So the goal of this new tool is to give you real-life and real-time understanding of where boats are in and out of your marina; [beyond] where they're located. Things like the LOA, the name, the length of their stay - all that information is available in our marina map feature.”

Marina Map Customization

“We know it's tough to keep track of everything. The easiest way to do so is with some type of visual. Something worth noting is the instant contextual data that you're able to access seeing things like power pedestals in you marina. Again, this is entirely customizable. So whether it be a dock that you have specifically for haul-out in service, or a shallow area - anything like that can be noted and set up on the map.”

“You can truly understand what you have for available slips, and essentially create a game plan when it comes to your day-to-day marina management.”

“A few quick things worth noting - anything in your area like a lighthouse, ramp, fuel dock can be customized and added to your map. You can see as I scroll here the ships store, pool, office, and restaurant, all of that is annotated on the map. But the most important thing is the actual boaters - the boats and their slips.”

Marina Map Color Coding

“The color coding is entirely customizable. You'll see this in your settings. You have the ability to pick from 9 different colors to allocate to different types of labels that you prefer to put in.”

Individual Guest Notes & Access Levels

“You'll even have the availability to leave notes. If that boater [preferes] a specific area of your harbor or of your marina, you can make that note. So the next time they book, you know to try and put this customer and their desired slip, or at least as close as you possibly can.”

“This is an internal facing feature. The boaters do not see this information. It is simply for you and your staff. We do have different levels of access. You also could have your documents set up where certain staff cannot make edits into this tool, but they could simply see the visual.”

Key marina map questions covered in this webinar:

  • When is this feature available?
  • How do I get started with marina maps?
  • [Are] there additional costs associated with this feature?
  • Is an aerial overlay available?
  • Is water depth displayed?
  • Do you have plans for making maps for on-land property?
  • Are [booking] days stored for historical reference?
Dockwa employees enjoying their time on the water

Why Dockwa

Marina software simplified

Dockwa's marina software is specifically designed for marina operators to manage their operations and improve boater relationships.  

Our marina management software includes tools for managing boat slips and tracking customer information, reservations, and billing. We make it easy to collect and manage payments, which you can see at a glance with our built-in reporting.  

If you're looking to acquire boaters, you can create a digital presence today for your marina by claiming your listing on and get published on the Dockwa network. We make it easy to connect with your existing boaters; create and manage emails, respond directly to leads, and centralize your communication via our in-app chat.

Customers on the Dockwa marina software have streamlined their operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased their revenue. In fact, on average Dockwa increases a marina's net operating income by 20%.

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